Monday, May 24, 2010


That's right ... Happy 10-year Anniversary to us! There is a benefit to getting married in 2000. I told Arik that day if he ever forgot how many years we had been married -he had bigger problems. We have a trip planned to San Francisco later this month, but I thought 10 years of wedded bliss was worthy of a night on the town.

I secretly arranged for Arik's parents to come over and watch the kids. I sent Arik little bits of information all afternoon via email. By the end of the day, he knew what time he needed to be home by, that he had to change his clothes, and that only a suit or shirt & tie would do. I didn't tell him where we were going until we were in the car. We had reservations at D'Amico Kitchen in the Chambers Hotel downtown Minneapolis.

It was really fun to get dressed up and go out on a "school night." We split a bottle of wine, ate some fabulous pasta, and topped the meal off with beautiful chocolate dessert.

To quote Arik in his toast for the evening, "Here's to 50 more!"

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