Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sentences ...

Soooo ... first grade is off to a good start ...

I am kidding. First grade is actually off to an awesome start for Matthew. I think he is really loving his new teacher and the calmer environment of his classroom. There are less kids in his class this year, and the experienced teacher is making a world of difference.

However, the fact remains that Matthew has a pretty long day. By the end of it, those little ears just have a tough time following along. This afternoon he had some difficulty listening to his teachers in his after school program. I didn't get a lot of details, but it had something to do with a broom. Knowing how much this kid likes to sweep, my guess is that they asked him to put it away and he would not.

Therefore, he got to write some sentences.

Arik and I LOVE that these guys take an old school approach to discipline. They are totally on top of any incident that takes place. They always make the kids say they are sorry to whoever was involved, and then they need to write an apology note (or some sentences) about their behavior. It works really well, and the kids really respond. Plus, the added bonus is that they get some writing practice!

I saw this sheet of paper sitting on the couch after the kids went to bed tonight, and I totally cracked up. I just had to share it. Bring back any memories?

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