Tuesday, June 29, 2010

T-Ball Time!

The time has come for t-ball to start again! Yeah! Matthew did such a great job at his first "game" tonight. This is our second year of doing t-ball through the Southdale YMCA. They play once a week for an hour. The first 1/2 hour is spent practicing the basics - catching, throwing, hitting the ball and running the bases (of course). The second 1/2 hour is spent playing a little "game." I put that in parenthesis because they don't track runs, and there really is no winner or loser. Each kid gets a turn at bat. You get one base for each person that hits, and then the last hitter for each team gets to do a home run. Both teams get two turns at bat, and two turns in the field.

Watching them in the field is hysterical. The coaches (a.k.a. parent volunteers) really try to space the kids out and put them in a position. However, as many of you know, once that ball hits the ground - they all go for it! Before long, the outfield looks like a pile of five-year olds on the pitchers mound!

Oh well, it is all in good fun. Matthew seemed to enjoy himself, and that is all that matters. The first picture on top is of him catching a quick drink of water before heading up to bat. The second picture is of him coming up on third base, and the third is him up to bat for the last time tonight. Enjoy!