Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oh I wish I were an ....

Oscar Mayer Weiner! That's right, the "weinermobile" was just parked in front of our house for the past hour. Arik met the person who does social media for them at a conference he went to in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. He asked if he could get a ride in one of their cars the next time they were in Minneapolis.

He never actually thought he would hear from them ... but guess what? He did! He thought he would just get information on where they would be for a promotional event, but they actually contacted us and asked for our home address.

Such a riot!

It took a lot of convincing to get Matthew out there, but Amy loved it (and so did the neighbors). They gave the kids little red weiner whistles, and their own little stuffed weinermobiles. Hilarious! They even honked their horn a few times. As you probably guessed, the horn plays the Oscar Mayer weiner song :)

Such a fun way to end our Sunday afternoon!!

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