Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lynhurst at Lake Harriet

Last night we decided to try something new with the kids - outdoor music at the Lake Harriet band shell.  It was great.  I wish we would have done it more this summer!  

A local band called Lynhurst was playing.  I had seen a promo for them on a Saturday morning news program.  They were really good.  A group of siblings that grew up together in south Minneapolis.  I thought it was only appropriate that we go and support the neighborhood talent!  

So ... after naptime ... we packed up a picnic dinner and enjoyed a wonderful evening in the park.  The kids loved the live music.  Matthew was clapping along to all of the songs (it doesn't matter that nobody else was clapping when you are 4).  Arik took him right up by the stage a couple of times.  As you can see from the pictures - he was mesmerized!  I think we might have a future musician on our hands.  

What a great way to end the summer!

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